18 Apr 2024
Kayleigh in hospital

Kayleigh was rescued after a harrowing accident on Mt Ruapehu.

On the first full snow day of the season, 21-year-old Kayleigh and a few friends were driving up to the Whakapapa Ski Field. The roads were icy, and covered with a 2cm layer of new snow.

Unfortunately, the 4-wheel-drive they were in, began to slide on the icy surface, and Kayleigh - who was sitting in the back tray of the ute – slipped and fell off.

“I landed on my back - hitting the back of my head directly on the cold, icy concrete. The impact was significant, and I lost consciousness immediately, experiencing my very first seizure.”

One of Kayleigh’s friends immediately called for help. But the roads were closed due to the snow fall. Even if the roads were open, the hospital was still hours away by car.

The highly skilled Greenlea Rescue Helicopter crew arrived within 15 minutes after take-off, and they immediately began administering intensive medical care, right there at the scene. Kayleigh was in a bad way, and she urgently needed help.

She had fractured her skull, and had sustained a traumatic brain injury, with multiple brain bleeds. She also had a punctured lung. Once she arrived at hospital, Kayleigh was put on life-support for 12 hours.

“I am incredibly lucky to not have sustained any permanent brain damage or physical disability from the accident,” says a very grateful Kayleigh.

Kayleigh wants to give personal ‘thank you’ for the amazing support.

“You saved my life and countless others. The Greenlea Rescue Helicopter is a crucial service that impacts the lives of individuals, their families, and the entire community. Thank you for saving lives with your generous donations.”