24 Apr 2024
Palmerston North
Jess on her horse

Keen horse rider Jess was out with her riding group in the hills around Kiwitea, on a Saturday that started like any other riding day.

The group was enjoying the picturesque trails, when a horrifying freak accident unfolded for Jess, her horse unexpectedly suffering a heart attack causing both Jess and her horse to plummet an unimaginable 4 meters straight off the hillside.

Incredibly, and luckily for Jess, she landed in a sheep track, which proved to be life-saving for her - providing some protection from her horse landing on top of her.

Jess sustained multiple injuries, most painfully - a closed high femur fracture - which left her in excruciating agony in a remote location and in need of urgent rescue. The Grassroots Trust Rescue Helicopter crew swiftly responded to the call-out and was able to land in a nearby paddock close to where the accident happened.

Due to the remote location of the riding group, your rescue helicopter was the primary, and only response, and the crew quickly and expertly provided intensive hospital-level care on-scene.

Not only were the crew able to keep Jess calm and reassured during her harrowing ordeal, but they also administered effective pain relief, including the renowned and comforting ‘green whistle’. The crew's expertise and preparedness were instrumental in stabilising Jess and ensured her comfort during the quick flight to Palmerston North Hospital.

Jess had the opportunity to meet and personally thank her crew who had played such a pivotal role in her rescue at the Grassroots Trust Hangar Open Day, and it was a heartwarming moment of gratitude and appreciation that highlighted the profound impact of donors like you.

Your generosity allows us to maintain state-of-the-art helicopters, equip our highly skilled crew with the necessary training and resources, so they can fly at a moment's notice and save lives. On behalf of Jess and our entire team, thank you for your generosity. It truly makes a difference to the lives of people in your community!

Palmerston North