Steve Fox’s Story

There were no signs to indicate a heart attack was imminent; Steve had played golf that morning and then been on the water racing his laser at the yacht club in the afternoon, so when he felt quite tired at the end of such a physical day, he thought nothing of it.

Walking back to his car with a friend is all he remembers until he woke up in hospital. He had collapsed in front of his friend, who was thankfully trained in CPR, which he performed for 10 minutes and when the ambulance arrived they had to shock his heart back into action.

The Westpac Waikato Air Ambulance flew Steve to hospital and immediate specialist care.

“We feel privileged that the Chopper was available,” said Steve.
“I cannot bear the thought of him being transported by road in his situation,” added Heather. “The helicopter flight cut out several hours of anxious worry and he was able to get specialist care very quickly.”

Steve explains the importance of the rescue helicopter service to them. The rescue helicopter transported their nephew when he suffered a neck injury on a farm and the Westpac Waikato Air Ambulance flew Steve’s father back in 1995 after he suffered a heart attack.
“We decided that we would always support the rescue helicopter. I told my wife I was going to be a Friend of the Rescue Helicopter and in 1995 when dad had his heart attack – we joined. We have been Friends ever since.”

“Rescue helicopters are quite special to us,” said his wife Heather.

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