Oscar's story

Oscar's story

“Brave Oscar had suffered a spiral fracture and broken his femur, the largest and one of the strongest bones in the human body.”

Srey, her husband Tim and their boys, Oscar and Leo were staying at Waihohonu Hut exploring Tongariro National Park.

“That night six-year-old Oscar slipped on the hut’s icy deck” recalls Srey “he was in immense pain and struggled to move.” A dark, 90-minute trek to their car seemed unwise, so Srey settled Oscar and tried to keep him comfortable through the night, but “the agony persisted.”

The next morning, two DOC Rangers visiting the hut radioed for urgent assistance and the Rescue Helicopter was soon on its way. Oscar’s leg was put in a splint and they flew him to Rotorua Hospital for urgent surgery. “He was so brave, but the relief I felt when I saw the Chopper was incredible…”

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