Living On The Edge

I'm a 15 year old girl whose riding life has had to be put on hold for six months due to 3 broken bones in my jaw.

The day this all happened was my second day at my local pony club. After warming up and practicing a few jumps I was ready to join a group of all really keen and excited riders. All I remember after that is nothing!

I've been told by my instructers that I had been jumping 3 jumps and was trotting in to my 4th. After clearing that jump I turned the corner and all of a sudden had a dog sitting in front me which spooked my horse causing me to fall off and be kicked in the cheek of my face.

My instructer then called 111 and an ambulance was immediatly called out soon followed by the Westpac Chopper!

After being flown to CHCH hospital and followed by 3 1/2 hour surgury to put metal plates in my face, my jaw was wired shut for 6 weeks.

With 3 boken bones, a swollen face and black eye, 6 days later I'm in hospital and back on the mend with a few months till I can ride again, YAY. I still very much love horses and cant wait to get up and going again. 

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