Lance Corbett’s Story

Lance Corbett's Story

Our son Lance was born in Masterton Hospital on the 18th of November 1991. He stopped breathing the following morning.

When I arrived at the hospital the staff had a tube down Lance’s throat and were helping him breathe with a hand-pump. They advised that the Westpac Rescue Helicopter was on its way to fly Lance to Wellington Hospital as he needed specialist care that wasn’t available in Wairarapa.

When the Life Flight crew arrived, they quickly took over the situation. We were absolutely astounded with their all-round professional approach. They quickly had Lance stabilised and wrapped in bubble wrap and foil to keep him warm and then were off into the helicopter.

The Wellington Hospital Neonatal Unit was Lance’s home for a while. After some time he was transferred back to Masterton Hospital and eventually he was well enough to come home. Lance’s grandmother was so impressed with the Life Flight team that she donated $5,000.

Lance clearly would not be with us today if it hadn’t been for Life Flight. He is 19 now and is an Apprentice Chef at the Fat Duck Cafe in Masterton and also works at the Copthorne Resort.

More than a decade after Lance was flown, our family needed Life Flight’s services again when Lance’s grandfather fell very ill and needed to get to Wellington Hospital urgently.

The Life Flight team were great and explained everything very clearly to us. We were made aware Dad may not survive the flight due to his poor health, but he was delivered safely to Wellington Hospital thanks to the team at Life Flight. Later he was transferred to Palmerston North Hospital for further care, again by air, and once off the respirator he was safely flown back to Masterton Hospital.

Like Lance, without the Life Flight team Dad would certainly have passed away that day. We were very grateful for the few extra weeks we were given with Dad before he sadly passed away and are incredibly grateful for the wonderful years we have shared with Lance.

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