Gavin’s Dad’s story.

When Peter, Gavin’s Dad, found out that Gavin had been in a terrible accident, his first thought was that they were going to lose a second child. The doctors told him that even if Gavin did make it, it was likely he’d have some degree of brain damage. They made the decision to let the doctors perform a new procedure to alleviate the pressure on Gavin’s brain. That was seven years ago now. Gavin no longer needs anti-seizure medication, which they were told he’d need to take for the rest of his life. ‘He’s at university. He’s driving. He has a girlfriend. Gavin’s just like any other normal young man’ says Peter. He and Wendy believe that if it hadn’t been for the Chopper and the speed of their crew, Gavin wouldn’t have had this second chance at life. Watch his video for his side of the story.

We cover Aotearoa, New Zealand

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