Gavin Bratty, seven years on.

In 2004, 11-year-old Gavin Bratty, was on his way home from a weekend of snowboarding with a group of friends when their van was struck by an oncoming vehicle.

Thirteen people were seriously injured in the accident and three Rescue Choppers were called to the scene. Gavin had such serious ‘brain shake’ that he was not expected to survive. But luckily, due to the urgent care given to him by the Westpac Waikato Air Ambulance crew and many medical professionals at Auckland Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, he not only survived, but over the course of 7 years, also regained his life as a normal teenage boy.

First he overcame the odds and survived the accident. Then he regained significant brain function. Next he learned to chew, talk, walk – virtually learn everything all over again. Later, he was told he’d never be able to drive a car. Wrong again. Gavin now has his driver’s license, is going to university and is living independently at a youth hostel with other Uni students.

He’s studying for a degree in IT support, taking him closer to his dream of working in the IT industry once he graduates. Watch his video for the full story.

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