Dale's story

Dale's story

Carrie was in the township at the time and heard the fire siren go off. Shortly after, she saw the ambulances and fire truck go past on their way to the scene, not realising they were on their way to help her injured son.

While visiting friends, Dale, aged 15, was riding motorbikes around on their isolated farm inland from Kaikoura. His mother Carrie, 45 minutes away in town, was completely unaware of what would transpire that day.

Dale's brakes failed going down a steep hill. Crashing his bike into a ditch Dale was sent flying and connected with a brick hidden in the grass.

Upon impact, Dale dislocated and broke his hip, broke his femur, his left thumb and also his right arm in three places.

Due to the severity of Dale's injuries, and the possibility of infection, the Canterbury Westpac Rescue Helicopter was vital to a life-saving recovery.

The emergency services worked together seamlessly with the first responders. “It was clear from the moment they arrived, that they had the situation under control. You felt this sense of calm confidence.”


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