Car Accident 5kms from home

On the 1st of Feb 2012, I was involved in a pretty major car crash 5kms from home. We were pulling out of an intersection when we got hit by another car, we spun  3 times before coming to a stop. I was seated in the back lefthand side of the car, I had my seat belt on luckily because if I wasn't wearing it, I would most probably be dead. I suffered seatbelt burns on my hips and carseat burns on my right leg, 6 cracked ribs, internal bleeding & a purferated bowel. At the scene I was very sick, that's when they knew I was in a bad condition, if it wasn't for the Westpac helicopter, I would have been way worse off but thanks to them I'm still here today and have had a speedy recovary.
Thanks Westpac!

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