Allegra Millar’s Story

Allegra Millar’s Story

Allegra Millar's Story

Our daughter Allegra was born healthy but then became progressively sicker. It turned out she had a bowel condition and without surgery we probably would have lost her.

At three days old our baby had to be flown from Wairarapa Hospital to Wellington Hospital urgently by Life Flight for the surgery. We were flown in the Westpac Rescue Helicopter at a very scary time, but were given so much care by the team. Had we not been flown we would have faced a long and windy drive so the helicopter was very important.

Allegra is now a vibrant, healthy seven-month-old. We are so grateful to Life Flight for helping her receive the emergency care she needed.

We’ve now moved to Blenheim and are living at the Air Force base so we see helicopters everyday and are reminded of her special flight.

With sincere thanks, Frances and Chris Millar

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