A Close Call

On 27th January 2013 (a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon), my partner and I were at a BBQ with a group of friends in Whangamata. As the weather was so hot some of the group decided to take a dip in the pool to cool down.
My partner jumped in and I took a photo of this as it was most unusual for him. I looked away for an instant then looked back to see him under the water. Thanks to the quick reaction of friends he was brought to the surface (not breathing). Mouth to mouth and CPR was commenced immediately. The Doctor and Ambulance arrived promptly and we were taken to the Helipad to await the arrival of the Rescue Helicopter. I was able to fly to Waikato Hospital with my partner. I am so grateful for this as I know it is not always possible. The care and attention he got during the flight and until we were safely delivered into the hands of the medical staff at the hospital was awesome. The flight seemed to take no time at all.
The whole crew were calm and reassuring, and things were explained to me as we went along.
We have since joined Friends of the Helicopter and will continue to make yearly donations to this very special service. I would urge others to do the same, as like us, you never know when you or any of your loved ones may need this life saving service.

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